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Edward Stevens

Distressed Asset Authority & Marketing Specialist
A former real estate and FF&E frontline liquidation officer for 3 separate large banks during the 1980's Savings & Loan crisis, and most recently, a contract asset liquidation specialist for 3 separate large banks closed by the State Banking Commissions of Arkansas, Washington, and Texas, Edward Stevens brings the inside knowledge and experience necessary to successfully resolve distressed real estate assets. His methods have always been effective due to their simplicity, delivering results through fresh, practical, proven methods at the least cost. And his personal negotiating skills have been proven time and time again, and remain the most critical element of successful asset resolution. An innovative marketing specialist who combines the best of proven sales techniques with the communication power of the Internet, Edward Stevens knows how to move distressed assets at the greatest possible value.

He began his business career after graduating from the University of Texas at Arlington in the mid seventies. subsequently working as a Series 7 licensed broker for Bache & Co. This is the time when talk of the DJII breaking 1,000 was something that represented a level of wishful thinking, and there were intra-day trades at levels less than 600. After completing graduate studies at the University of North Texas with concentrations in economic statistics and forecasting, Mr. Stevens began his banking career with the well respected, The Arizona Bank, in Tucson, AZ. His commercial lending career commenced with The Union Bank of Arizona and continued with The Bank of the Southwest in East Texas and The First National Bank of St. Tammany Parish in the greater New Orleans area. This commercial lending undertaking led to working with businesses and professionals ranging from small sole proprietorships to large exchange listed corporations, in diverse regional economies, learning the challenges business owners accept everyday and the related underlying true value of productive assets.

With the collapse of the banking industry in Texas and the surrounding states during the mid to late 1980's, Mr. Stevens began his second major career in the technology industry. During this period he completed detailed industry training with Microsoft, Novell, Sun, Nortel, Cisco, Citrix and other major suppliers. The evolution of the Internet was a perfect fit for Mr. Stevens. It led to his forming Acclerated Innovations, Inc., a company dedicated towards helping businesses earn "quality profits over time" and limit their losses by maximizing their distressed assets.

As a result of having an extensive background in finance and technology, Mr.Stevens successfully engaged in technology based merger and acquisition activities. He successfully identified, analyzed, negotiated and structured 5 separate acquisitions during a two-year period, all technology centered.

Mr. Stevens is a Vietnam Era veteran having served honorably with the US Army during 1970-71.

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